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The CNY Pioneers are a competitive travel baseball/softball program competing in the Eastern NY Travel Baseball League (ENYTB). The Pioneers are dedicated to providing an environment where players are free to develop their skills and are instilled with the concepts of self-discipline, responsibility, self-esteem and good sportsmanship.

CNY Pioneers Guidelines

1.) This is a dedication, we will play 9 Sundays starting from the second week in April and continuing until approximately June 15th. This will allow players to be free during Little League All Star play.

2.) Players will need to be at home games 1.5 hrs. before the game starts and 1 hr. before away games.

3.) Coaches will do their best to rotate players that are subs. If a player subs in the first game they will start in the second game.

4.) If a parent has any issues with playing time please encourage your player to talk with the coach first and also give me a call so I can follow up. Coaches are here to help the players develop and will never intentionally do anything to exclude a player.

5.) Please refrain from foul language towards ANYONE, including umpires, opposing coaches and team, opposing teams parents and our own coaches, players and parents.

6.) Once the games begin there will be no players allowed out of the dugouts (except bathroom use) and no parents allowed in the dugouts. This will also be the case if we section off an area outside of the field for a makeshift dugout due to COVID procedures. Please make sure players have drinks before games.

7.) Players will be allowed to eat between double header games. There will be no food allowed in the dugouts once the game begins. Please make sure your player does not over eat.

8.) If we do have concessions we will need parents to volunteer for 3 inning shifts. Typically 2 parents per shift.

9.) Please remember that no 12 and under player has ever been drafted, so sit back and enjoy the ball games and let the players just play and enjoy themselves. If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to call or text me (Coach Maxwell) at 315-868-4476 any time day or night and I will do my best to get right back to you.

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